Who We Are

Since 1920, the American College Health Association (ACHA) has served as the voice for student health and wellness. Through advocacy, research and education, ACHA stands at the forefront of issues that impact the health and wellness of our college students. ACHA represents over 700 institutions of higher education and the collective health and wellness needs of 20 million college students. ACHA serves over 8,500 individual college health and wellness professionals and leaders of all disciplines united together to advance the health and wellness of college students. Membership in ACHA is your key to unlocking tremendous vision and knowledge that can enrich your campuses’ health and wellness services, your professional development, and efforts toward creating a culture of wellness on your campus.

Our Mission Statement

To serve as the principal leadership organization for advancing the health of college students and campus communities through advocacy, education, and research.

Our Vision

To be the recognized voice of expertise in college health.

Our Core Values

In promoting healthy campus communities and healthy individuals as integral to student learning, the American College Health Association values:

  1. Social justice, human dignity, and respect for all
  2. The provision of student-centered services
  3. Professional excellence, responsiveness, and ethical practice
  4. Multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to health
  5. The commitment and participation of other stakeholders both on and off campus who advance health
  6. The active involvement of students
  7. Evidence-informed practices as a foundation for our programs

Strategic Plan

The mission, vision and values set forth above are integral to ACHA’s strategic plan that guides the long term direction of the association. Learn more about who we are by reviewing our strategic plan.