Build a healthier campus community by assessing the health and wellness of your faculty and staff.

Having current, relevant data about faculty and staff health can help colleges and universities enhance health promotion and prevention services across campus. By assessing faculty, staff, and graduate student employees’ health behaviors, institutions can provide better services and support for their employees.

This survey tool, designed specifically for faculty, staff, and graduate student employees working on college and university campuses, can assist schools in determining which employee wellness programs and services are needed.

The first benchmarked survey of its kind, the ACHA-NFSHA addresses multiple topics and provides institutions with the ability to compare their results using reference group reports. Schools participating in the ACHA-NFSHA have the option to add additional questions to further refine results.

The survey is completely confidential—employees’ email addresses or names are never attached to their responses.

How You Can Use the Data

With the ACHA-NFSHA, you can determine the most significant employee health priorities and trends.

With your survey data, you can:

  • Identify the most common health and behavior risks affecting employees' performance and productivity.
  • Design evidence-based health promotion programs with targeted educational and environmental initiatives.
  • Allocate monetary and staffing resources based upon defined needs.
  • Have readily available data for policy discussions and presentations with faculty, staff, administration, and board members.
  • Impact the campus culture by opening a dialogue about health with employees.
  • Develop proposals to secure grant funding to expand or develop programs.
  • Evaluate your programming efforts by conducting repeat administrations of the survey.


Results from Spring 2021 ACHA-NFSHA

Results from Spring 2019 ACHA-NFSHA

Results from Fall 2019 ACHA-NFSHA

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