About ACHA

We are an NYC-based social start-up that creates youth-inspired, creative online educational projects that reflect the dynamic voices, interests, and progressive values of youth around the world on issues related to sustainable development. At its core, ACHA, which means “sister” in Tibetan, aims to encourage youth, especially girls, in solutions towards a just and sustainable future.
Through ACHA, young girls can apply for scholarships, engage in online discussions, listen to monthly podcasts, recommend books to each other, and read online interactive stories about our ACHA characters. Our projects are interactive, youth-based, informational, and most importantly, fun.

What is Just Sustainable Development?

Just sustainable development means protecting the environment and promoting economic growth and social progress to make the world a better place for you, me, and all future generations. At ACHA, we believe that intersectionality -- which is the understanding of how different forms of discrimination impact the collective and individual experiences of people, especially those that are marginalized or vulnerable -- should be incorporated in all social movements. One cannot advocate for the environment without also advocating for gender equality, quality education, racial equality, socio-economic progress and other key determinants. It is important to ask ourselves who is being excluded from the discourse and who is benefitting from it. At ACHA, we encourage youth from all around the world to participate in discussions about sustainable development issues that matter to them in their communities.

UNICEF | United Nations Association of Norway

A short animated film produced by the production company «Animaskin» for UNICEF Norway and the UN Association of Norway to support Sustainable Development learning via unicef.no/skole/barekraft .

Project Updates

ACHA Speaks

Michelle Tarshus, who goes by the nickname Mimi, is one of the co-founders of Signature Soul. Signature Soul is made up of the eclectic duo Marco Soulo & Signature MiMi. Through their musical enlightenment, community cultivating adventures, and genuine passion to spread love, together they intend to raise the collective consciousness one Soul at a time.

How Can I Help?

Our 100% recycled, U.S. made, magnetic bookmarks with ACHA stories show six empowering young ACHA characters and their individual stories which are inspired by Goals 4 (Quality Education)and 5 (Gender Equality) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The first chapters will be available in September, 2017. Get your bookmarks today!

Whatcha Reading?

Sasha Savvy, is a super smart 10-year old girl, who lives in Washington, DC. Sasha must choose which class to take for summer camp. Her mom discovers that the camp is offering a new class for girls on how to code. Sasha thinks this will be boring and doesn’t believe that she is good at computer stuff. Despite this, she decides to give it a chance and convinces her best friends Gabby Reyes and Ashley Webster, to attend the coding camp with her. Sasha’s mom, a Software Developer, gives her a unique formula to help her remember how to code but will it be enough to get her through a challenging first day of camp with bugs everywhere, computing errors, that is.

What does Sustainable Development mean to you?
Sustainable development is the ability for humans and nature to interact in a way that promotes the preservation of our most precious resources.
Jesse GuerreroBronx, NY
Sustainable development is the socioeconomic development which allows its surrounding ecosystem to remain under an autonomous or guided checks and balances system for avoiding excessive resource depletion. It defines a set of principles that helps stabilize the conspicuous trade-offs of any system for that matter. 
Ishrak Hayet RatulDhaka, Bangladesh
Sustainability is the intersection of three pillars: economic development, social value and environmentalism. In other words, sustainability is the drive to create a world culture that encourages mindfulness of resources, growth direction of trade and business and the impact globalization has on the kinds of connections people are making. Through sustainability, steady developments in all facets of society are possible.
Kat DominguezQueens, New York
[It] means being able to look forward to a future. Ensuring that the planet can survive for future generations. It's something that NEEDS to be done.
Grace HwangBronx, NY

Media & Events

ACHA workshop at the IEARN and Youth Summit Conference in Marrakech, Morocco

United Nations International Youth Day - 2017 Youth Building Peace