We are an NYC-based social start-up that creates youth-inspired, creative online educational projects that reflect the dynamic voices, interests, and progressive values of youth around the world on issues related to sustainable development.  At its core, ACHA, which means “sister” in Tibetan, aims to encourage youth, especially girls, in solutions towards a just and sustainable future.

Sustainable development is the ability for humans and nature to interact in a way that promotes the preservation of our most precious resources.
Jesse Guerrero, Bronx, NY
Sustainable development is the socioeconomic development which allows its surrounding ecosystem to remain under an autonomous or guided checks and balances system for avoiding excessive resource depletion. It defines a set of principles that helps stabilize the conspicuous trade-offs of any system for that matter. 
Ishrak Hayet Ratul, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sustainability is the intersection of three pillars: economic development, social value and environmentalism. In other words, sustainability is the drive to create a world culture that encourages mindfulness of resources, growth direction of trade and business and the impact globalization has on the kinds of connections people are making. Through sustainability, steady developments in all facets of society are possible.
Kat Dominguez, Queens, New York