At ACHA, we believe access to quality education is a basic human right. The “How Can I Help?” bookmark project uses non-formal learning by means of creative storytelling on a digital platform to engage youth, especially girls, in achieving the sustainable development goals and promoting gender equality and equity among youth. We want all young girls to believe and live up to their highest potential and engage in all fields where girls and women are underrepresented, be it computer science or acting. Our hope is to encourage young girls to be leaders in the field of just sustainable development.

While our overarching Sustainable Development Goals are goals 4 (Quality Education) and goals 5 (Gender Equality), each character will also highlight themes in Sustainable Development as it relates to youth and:

  1. Environment
  2. Science
  3. Civil Advocacy
  4. Technology
  5. Arts 
  6. Health & Wellbeing

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The Environmentalist

The Scientist

The Advocate

The Engineer

The Artist

The Adventurist