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15 August 12:00 ET

NEW YORK, NY, August 15th 2017

Mark your calendars! On September 15th, we will be launching our “How Can I Help” Bookmarks with ACHA Stories.You can pre-order now to receive the bookmarks by the launch date!

If you are a NYC public school teacher, we will be distributing our stories for FREE! Please register here to receive the stories on our six ACHA characters for your classroom.

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– ACHA Team


29 June 18:00 ET
NEW YORK, NY, June 29th 2017

About ACHA

ACHA, which means sister in Tibetan, is a youth inspired, online educational platform that engages youth, especially girls, early in solutions towards a just and sustainable future. The company is based in New York and was founded in 2017 by Anzee Sherap and her sister Yangtsel.

Our main project right now is the  “How Can I HelpBookmarks with ACHA Stories, which is currently in the phase of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It is expected to be available in book stores by Q4 2017.

Our bookmarks use the platform of digital storytelling in engaging youth, especially girls to live up to their highest potential. Each ACHA character will highlight themes in Sustainable Development as it relates to youth and: the environment, science, civil advocacy, technology, arts, and health and wellness, all of which we believe are important and interconnected towards youth development and progress.

In line with our SDGs, these bookmarks are made with 100% recycled paper and have unique codes which you can use to unlock the ACHA stories on our website. Our hope is to encourage youth to be leaders in the field of just and sustainable development.



Yangtsel Sherap, Project Manager and Researcher 
Phone: 646-725-3956


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Press Releases

ACHA Launches Their KickStarter Campaign For “How Can I Help? Magnetic Bookmarks with ACHA Stories”

29 June 18:00 ET
NEW YORK, NY, June 29th 2017


Hi everyone!


We at ACHA believe quality education is a basic human right and should be accessible to all children and adolescents irrespective of their gender, race, class, sexual orientation, citizenship, or lack thereof.


We just launched our “How Can I Help? Magnetic Bookmarks with ACHA Stories” KickStarter Campaign These bookmarks show six empowering young ACHA characters and their individual stories which are inspired by Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 5 (Gender Equality) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Our bookmarks are made in the U.S. with 100% recycled paper and have unique codes (per character) which young readers can use to unlock the ACHA stories on our website. These interactive stories focus on the environment, technology, arts, civil advocacy, health and wellness promotion, and the sciences from the perspective of our ACHA characters. The goal of our bookmarks is to use creativity and technology in storytelling to promote gender equality and awareness amongst youth. This project is set to launch this September.


Preorder your bookmarks today on our KickStarter page!