Coming Soon in 2018

 See What Grows Here

Are you a tree enthusiast? Ever wonder what grows beyond your backyard, say in the deserts of Arizona or the hills of the Himalayas, or even the wetlands of the Nile Basin?

The ACHA team is finally beginning the first phase of our See What Grows Here mobile app, scheduled to be released in 2018.  The application allows users from any part of the world with an access to a smart phone and internet service to take pictures of tree species around them, and post them in real time on the world map using GPS technology embedded within the app.  

Users can then help identify the tree through its common and scientific names, species status, and tree status. In essence, the app aims to create a community of citizen scientists from around the world to gather, share, identify, and learn about the rich biodiversity of trees that grow around them, and many more that grow around the world. 

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If you are a developer and are interested in collaborating on this project, send us an email at  If you are a teacher or a student interested in ecology and environmental science, and would like to give us user feedback during each phase of the project, send us an email at  We would love to get your input. 

A visual example: